Analytics & Data Science

Is your organization still making decisions based on custom reports that reflect past performance? There is a fundamental shift today in how organizations anticipate scenarios and make informed decisions using Predictive Analytics.

Is your sales organization able to predict which customers are at the highest risk of churn and pre-emptively engage with the segment? Does your marketing team understand which online and offline efforts as well as mix will produce best results? Is your HR using analytics to predict if a new prospect will be a good fit for the firm and who in the firm is at higher risk of attrition?

Organizations that are able to anticipate and proactively make decisions will be the winners. Not sure what role can predictive analytics play in you organization? Call us at 212-736-3333 for a free no-obligation brainstorming session.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics

A fast growing staffing firm wanted to develop a predictor model to decide whether to submit a particular candidate based on past client decisions and screening efforts. Learn how the model helped the firm improve their submission to selection ratio.

Customer Churn Analytics

The sales organization of this firm realized that converting lost customers is an expensive and time consuming proposition. Learn how the firm used Analytics to proactively engage with high-risk segment and improve overall LTV.

Recommendation Analytics

Recommendation Analytics

This online retailer wanted to improve their cross-sell and up-sell. A model using associated rules was developed to predict which products should be displayed that have the highest likelihood of purchase.

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

A heavy equipment manufacturer was looking to enhance the up-time for its client installed equipment and reduce the overall cost of repair
and part replacement cost. Learn how the predictive maintenance model increased customer satisfaction, reduced maintenance cost and improved profitability.

Social media sentiment analytics

Sentiment Analytics

Equity research firm wanted to develop a model to capture social media sentiments related to each equity. The tool gathers information from various social media channels and performs sentiment analysis and provide social insights.

Marketing Campaign and Channel Optimization

Marketing Campaign Optimization

This marketing agency owns several popular websites and is a leader in generating online leads for its clients, the firm wanted to optimize their marketing efforts (email, online and social) by improving call-to-action and decreasing audience attrition. Learn how we took bull by the horns to come up with the solution.