Digital Strategy

Are you harnessing the full power of digital, mobile and social trends? Online commerce and Mobile engagement with customers has changed the game forever. The power of anywhere-anytime-any device is offering customers unprecedented opportunity to interact with brands but it also gives customers the power to switch to a competitor at the click of a button.

We help companies develop online-mobile-social strategy that is comprehensive and results driven. Are you looking to develop a cohesive and seamless experience across online-mobile-social channels? These channels are no longer one-way, they offer a very rich set of conversations and stories about customers and prospects that can help organizations be relevant. Digital-Mobile-Social presence is the beginning but the goal today is to learn about the segments, engage and interact with these segments through the channels.

Whether you are looking to develop a new website or revamp an existing website, we have the experience and expertise in design-development-delivery of content management systems that will allow your marketing teams to create and manage content that is appealing to customer segments. Do you already have a robust online content strategy but are struggling to establish mobile or social conversation? we can help you develop the mobile-social channel which appeals and caters to respective segments.

Web-Mobile-Social Strategy

Web-Mobile-Social Strategy

A reputed and world-renowned not-for-profit institution was looking to revamp its existing content management system as well as develop a robust online-media-social strategy in consultation with all the stakeholders. Learn how marketing, sales, IT, and back-office aligned to define the go-forward plan and strategy.

Custom i-Pad Tablet Application

Custom iPad tablet app for real-time activity tracking

This custom iPad app helps front-line field personnel to capture and share information about customers activity in real time. Each field personnel is equipped with the iPad app thus eliminating paperwork, improving efficiency and reducing overall cost.

Custom i-Pad Tablet Application

Custom iPad App for training

This firm is responsible for training and staffing of security personnels that perform x-ray screening at airports and other commercial establishments. The firm was looking to develop ‘experiential training’ whereby the iPads emulate baggage screening scenarios for the trainees.

Smart Tooltip Content Solution

Smart Tooltip

This global think tank and community of technical professionals wanted to develop a customized browser plug-in for providing contextual content. This unique patent pending technology aims to deliver contextual and relevant content for each visitor.

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Enterprise Content Management

A world-renowned media firm was looking to enhance and customize their existing content management system to streamline the authoring and approval process for content. We worked closely with editorial team and technology to customize and deliver a streamlined process. holistic digital strategy

Holistic Digital Strategy for

This startup is looking to disrupt the technology staffing space and is uber for tech talent. was looking for holistic digital strategy that provides easy and seamless experience across devices and platforms.The firm is surely a category winner.

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