Custom Mobile iPad Tablet App for real-time activity tracking

Custom i-Pad Tablet App

This world-class organization hosts several gala events for its membership and guests, it was looking to enhance their guest experience for these events using iPad application that will allow easy guest check-in and enable ushers to easily direct guests to respective tables. The event managers were interested in learning in real-time which guests have checked-in? how many guests are yet to come? Which guests are on a specific table? and be able to manage table allocation for current and new guests easily prior to the event.

The enhanced user-friendly and robust mobile iPad application read the gala and guest information from respective database so as to make this information readily available to event managers and ushers. As soon a guest arrives for the event, the welcome team is able to easily and quickly check-in the guests and share their table information. In addition, the mobile iPad application enables ushers to easily direct guests to their respective tables. The organizers are able to lookup if a particular guest has checked-in and what table they would be at as well as who else is on that table is those guests have already checked-in. The enhanced mobile iPad application has improved the overall experience of the guests and has empowered the organizing team with information that enables them to easily carry out the responsibility.

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