Credit Committee Decisions


This financial institution provides structured credit to some of the world’s largest institutions. The decision making process is managed by the Credit Committee which comprises of senior most executive team from business as well as risk side.The credit risk department wanted to develop a custom application for planning and managing credit committee meetings.

The institution was looking to develop a streamlined process that would allow commercial side of the business to propose a new line of credit or modification to an existing line. The Risk managers can include their assessment and the administrative committee can decide if the request is ready to be presented to the credit committee. The credit committee agenda would be automatically developed from the application along with all the supporting information necessary for the credit committee to make decision. These decisions were then captured in the system for posterity and shared with respective business segments. The robust reporting modules allowed credit committee administration to present historical credit commitee decisions by counterparty, review the pipeline funnel activity, and get insights on commercial officer performance.

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