Risk Identification & Early Warning System


This global society of professionals produces and curates enormous content across different technical and engineering fields. Its membership and intelligentsia continuously expands the frontier of new knowledge and also helps with adoptions of standards across the world. The amount of content is overwhelming across multiple domains and fields. Searching for the content within domain or specific technical field was fine but searching across multiple sites and engineering fields and delivering only the relevant content was a challenge. The organization wanted to develop a smart tooltip plug-in for web browser that would display contextual and relevant content from whitepapers and articles across various technical and engineering fields.

The smart tooltip user interface was ultra-simple but the textual analytics behind the scene was highy complex. The solution involved combining several machine learning algorithms to infer context and relevance for each of the search result and then presenting them in order of relevance. The solution was designed to scale and adapt to other topics and websites so that the smart tool can be applied to news sites, sports sites, and other categories.

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