Investor Relations RFP-DDQ response


A large hedge fund based in Connecticut was looking to streamline their RFP and DDQ (Due Deligence Questionnaire) process. The investor relations group of the hedge fund is responsible for addressing the DDQ from investors. Many of the investors end up asking similar questions as part of DDQ hence the hedge fund wanted to develop standard company responses that are articulate and accurate. The firm also wanted to avoid mistakes such as outdated information from being included in the DDQ. The investor relations group knew what they wanted but did not know how to translate that into a reliable and functional application.

The investor relations group of this hedge fund shared their challenges such as ensuring that data being presented in response to DDQ should be latest and accurate, that they don’t have to respond to each question from scratch and it would be helpful to have pre-formulated and compliance approved responses that can easily be used, and that the compilation of the final DDQ response is done easily and the final document can be generated from the application.

The new application developed by our team allows the firm to develop an entire DDQ response using simple drag and drop features. The application generates a custom, standardized and branded response document that can be distributed.