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Case Study

Banking & Finance
Risk Identification & Management
Holistic Early Warning System




This case study explores how an European Corporate & Investment Bank (ECIB) successfully improved their early warning system by implementing a holistic risk assessment solution that was developed in collaboration with Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. (INTELCS).


By leveraging technology solutions and collaborating with internal teams, ECIB achieved enhanced risk management capabilities, enabling the credit committee to make informed decisions to mitigate credit default risks.


Client Background


ECIB is a leading corporate and investment bank known for its comprehensive banking and financial services worldwide. The Bank is headquartered in Europe but has a significant institutional presence in the United States.



ECIB was looking to implement a solution that can provide deeper insights and intuition for counterparty risk based on a range of qualitative and quantitative factors. This capability would enable the institution to identify and assess risk early in the process and enable credit committee to mitigate the risk by making informed decisions.

Key Features and Benefits

Improved Risk Identification: The early warning system enabled ECIB to identify credit default risks at an early stage, facilitating proactive measures to prevent potential losses. The solution proactively identified counterparty risks based on risk thresholds and triggers that were proactively monitored and shared with the credit committee.

Automated Credit Default Risk Ratings: The system generated real-time credit default risk ratings using a sophisticated algorithm, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing human errors.

Enhanced Decision-Making: The credit committee gained access to timely and reliable risk assessment reports, empowering them to make informed decisions promptly. This facilitated proactive risk mitigation and reduced the bank's exposure to potential losses.

Scalability and Flexibility: The early warning system was designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, ensuring it could adapt to changing regulations and market dynamics while accommodating future growth.


ECIB's collaboration and implementation of an enhanced early warning system resulted in significant improvements in risk management.


About Intellectual Capital Services, Inc.

Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. ( is a leading digital transformation firm that helps organizations achieve their business objectives using technology. The firm has been delivering successful digital transformation solutions for Banking & Finance, Publishing, Media Agencies, Not-for-Profit, and Education sectors since August 2003. This August 2023 will mark the firm’s 20th anniversary of unwavering service to its clients.

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