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Case Study

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The European Corporate & Investment Bank (ECIB) faced a common challenge: multiple disjointed systems for monitoring counterparty risk. Each system provided only a partial view into the risk landscape. ECIB recognized the need for a unified approach to assess counterparty exposure across their diverse organizations and product lines.

Client Background


ECIB is a leading corporate and investment bank known for its comprehensive banking and financial services worldwide. The Bank is headquartered in Europe but has a significant institutional presence in the United States.


ECIB was looking to implement a holistic risk portal that can provide counterparty risk assessment across the organization and products in a single place. The challenge:


  1. Fragmented Systems: ECIB operated various risk monitoring systems, but none offered a comprehensive overview.

  2. Lack of Holistic Assessment: There was no single point of access to evaluate counterparty risks across the entire organization.

  3. Data Silos: Critical risk data was siloed, hindering effective decision-making.

Key Features & Benefits

Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. (INTELCS), a New York-based digital strategy and transformation firm, collaborated closely with ECIB to address these challenges and create a holistic counterparty risk portal:


  1. Understanding the Landscape

    • INTELCS collaborated closely with ECIB’s credit risk and technology teams.

    • They conducted an in-depth analysis of existing systems, data sources, and risk assessment processes.

  2. Designing the Holistic Portal

    • INTELCS envisioned a single access point for counterparty risk assessment.

    • The portal would consolidate data from various systems, providing a 360-degree view of counterparty exposure.

  3. Data Integration and Transformation

    • INTELCS worked on breaking down data silos.

    • They developed connectors to pull data from disparate sources (transaction records, financial statements, market data).

    • The data was transformed into a standardized format for seamless integration.

  4. User-Friendly Interface

    • The risk portal was designed with a user-centric approach.

    • Intuitive dashboards allowed stakeholders to explore counterparty risks across different business units and products.

  5. Risk Metrics and Analytics

    • INTELCS incorporated advanced analytics to calculate risk scores.

    • The portal provided real-time insights into credit exposure, default probabilities, and concentration risks.

  6. Security and Compliance

    • The portal adhered to strict security protocols to safeguard sensitive data.

    • Compliance checks ensured alignment with regulatory requirements.

Results and Impact

  • Unified View: ECIB now had a single pane of glass to assess counterparty risks.

  • Informed Decision-Making: The credit risk committee could make timely decisions based on comprehensive data.

  • Efficiency Gains: Manual data reconciliation efforts were eliminated, saving time and resources.

  • Enhanced Risk Mitigation: The holistic portal enabled proactive risk management.


INTELCS successfully bridged the gap between fragmented systems and created a centralized risk intelligence hub for ECIB. The holistic counterparty risk portal empowered the bank to navigate risks more effectively.

Remember, digital transformation isn't just about technology - it's about transforming business outcomes through strategic solutions. ECIB's journey exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and a holistic mindset.

About Intellectual Capital Services, Inc.

Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. ( is a leading digital transformation firm that helps organizations achieve their business objectives using technology. The firm has been delivering successful digital transformation solutions for Banking & Finance, Publishing, Media Agencies, Not-for-Profit, and Education sectors for over 20 years.

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