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Case Study

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This case study explores how an European Corporate & Investment Bank (ECIB) successfully improved their risk monitoring and assessment capabilities in collaboration with Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. (INTELCS).

Client Background


ECIB is a leading corporate and investment bank known for its comprehensive banking and financial services worldwide. The Bank is headquartered in Europe but has a significant institutional presence in the United States.


ECIB was looking to implement a credit rating solution that can analyze counterparty risk and sum it into a rating that can be compared to major ratings agency. Developing an internal rating system would allow the bank to assess and identify risk better.

Key Features & Benefits

Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. (INTELCS), a New York-based digital strategy and transformation firm, collaborated closely with ECIB to address these challenges. Here’s how they transformed credit risk management:

  1. Digital Strategy Formulation

    • INTELCS conducted a thorough analysis of ECIB’s existing processes, pain points, and data sources.

    • They devised a comprehensive strategy that focused on automation, data integration, and real-time decision-making.

  2. Designing the Credit Risk Rating System

    • INTELCS designed a robust credit risk rating system that combined qualitative and quantitative data.

    • The system leveraged both internal data (transaction history, financial statements) and external data (market trends, industry benchmarks).

  3. Implementation and Integration

    • INTELCS collaborated with ECIB’s Risk & IT team to implement the new system seamlessly.

    • APIs were developed to integrate data from various sources (credit bureaus, financial markets, regulatory databases).

    • The system was integrated into the credit committee’s workflow.

  4. Benefits Realized

    • Real-time Risk Assessment: The digital system provided instant risk scores, enabling faster decision-making.

    • Improved Accuracy: By analyzing a broader set of data, the system enhanced risk prediction accuracy.

    • Efficient Monitoring: The internal credit rating system became an integral part of credit committee decisions.

    • Agility and Adaptability: ECIB could now respond swiftly to changing market conditions.

Results and Impact

  • Reduced Turnaround Time: Credit approvals became quicker, benefiting both clients and the bank.

  • Enhanced Risk Management: The credit risk rating system allowed proactive risk mitigation.

  • Cost Savings: Automation reduced manual effort and operational costs.

  • Competitive Edge: ECIB positioned itself as a tech-savvy bank, attracting new clients.


Through digital transformation, ECIB achieved a paradigm shift in credit risk management. The collaboration with INTELCS not only improved risk assessment but also positioned the bank for sustained growth in a dynamic financial landscape.

About Intellectual Capital Services, Inc.

Intellectual Capital Services, Inc. ( is a leading digital transformation firm that helps organizations achieve their business objectives using technology. The firm has been delivering successful digital transformation solutions for Banking & Finance, Publishing, Media Agencies, Not-for-Profit, and Education sectors for over 20 years.

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